iPhone & iPad Repair Prices for Repair Shops

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iPhone 8 / 8+
Blown backlight resistor(s) – $95

iPhone 7 / 7+
Audio IC repair – $100
Blown backlight filter(s) – $85
Tristar / charging repair – $95

iPhone 6s / 6s+
Blown backlight filter(s) – $65 (with no pad damage)
Blown backlight filter(s) – $75 (with pad damage)
Tristar / charging repair – $75

iPhone 6 / 6+
Blown backlight filter(s) – $55
Touch IC failure – $75
Tristar / charging repair – $75
Baseband Repair – $85

iPad Pro 9.7, 10.5, 12.9
Blown backlight filter(s) – $75
Blown touch filter(s) – $75

Standard Return shipping:
United States: $8
Other Countries: $15 to $35

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The prices on this page are for businesses who make mistakes during basic repairs or who need other very strait forward repairs.  This is for specific issues and is not indented for logic boards that require complex troubleshooting.  Under this pricing, we repair only the logic board and do not address housing components.

**To get setup for B2B service, we will need to add you to our B2B group.  Please let us know you are a business when submitting your first repair.  If you are an existing business customer and have not yet used our B2B service, please let us know you are a business when you submit your next repair.

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Prices updated on September 30th, 2019