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Data Recovery

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When it comes to data recovery, we go above and beyond to save your precious moments.  If another shop has told you it is hopeless, there is a good chance we can help.  Our success rate is excellent so if we cannot recover your data, we do not charge for the recovery.

We return your data on a flash drive along with your device.
Upon request, we may also provide you with a secure download link or iCloud backup.

For Apple devices, your data will be returned as 2 backups.  One is an exported copy that is easy to browse using a computer.  This is useful to access all of your photos and videos without the need to restore them to a new device.  The second is a full backup that can be used to restore your data to a new device.

For Samsung Devices, we will create at least 2 backups.  One is a Smart Switch backup that can be used to restore to a new phone & the other is a user filesystem backup that is easy to browse from a computer. The backup content of other Android models varies but we always try to create 2 backups!

Typical Turnaround Time:
7 to 14 business days